What type of TRANSITION LENSES will work in a car?

04/24/2024 – Bangor, PA: Transition lenses. One of the most influential innovations in the eyewear industry over the past few decades, transition lenses are a great example. Transition lenses, also known as photochromic lens, automatically darken your glasses in response to UV light and then clear them again when the UV light source is removed. They’re the perfect combination of prescription sunglasses and glasses – they are almost clear when the weather is dark, cloudy, or shady at night. One pair of transition lenses is enough to cover any light condition.


You might be brand new to Transition Lenses, and just beginning to learn about them. You may be using them and enjoying them. You’ll discover soon (if not already) that photochromic lens do not darken in the interior of a vehicle. The problem is not the lenses, but the windshield. Automobile windshields are designed to block UV rays to protect the eyes of the occupants and the interior. Only the side window glass filters UV light into a car, which is usually not enough to activate photochromic lenses.

It is important to wear sunglasses when driving during the day. There are options, including sunglasses that clip or fit over your prescription glasses. Many people still ask if photochromic lenses can darken the interior of a vehicle.

Yes. Over the last few years, Transitions has developed some excellent lens options designed to work behind a windshield.


These lenses darken when UV and lower spectrum light penetrates a car window. These lenses provide a certain level of darkness inside the car, which enhances comfort and protects against glare while driving.


These lenses are the newest type of lens by Transitions. They adapt to changing lighting conditions behind your windshield. The lenses darken like sunglass lenses, but only become polarized when UV light from the back of the windshield is detected. When fully activated, polarized lenses will reduce glare off reflective surfaces such as snow and water.

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